Kidney Disease Medical Research

More than 20 million Americans suffer from diseases of the kidney. Over 300,000 people need an artificial kidney (dialysis) machine in order to stay alive. More than 90,000 people are awaiting a life-saving organ transplant. Nineteen people die each day while awaiting a transplant.

The ultimate goal of the National Kidney Foundation of Utah & Idaho is the total eradication of diseases of the kidney. Support of scientific research regarding new methods of disease prevention and treatment is one of our leading priorities.

During 2016-2017, two separate grants were awarded to scientists throughout the states of Utah and Idaho for the continuation of their substantive research projects:

The foundation continues to seek individual and foundation grants to support the NKF of Utah & Idaho Medical Research Endowment Fund, originally established by a gift from C.R. England, Inc.

In addition to sponsoring research aimed at combating kidney disease, the NKF of Utah & Idaho Medical Research Program assists in the training of the young physician scientists who conduct the studies. In planning for next year's programs, application information for NKF of Utah & Idaho Research Grants, Post-doctoral Research Fellowships, Young Investigator Grants, NKF Matching Fellowship Grants, and Clinical Scientist Awards has been sent to Utah and Idaho health care professionals and facilities.

For more information on applying for a research grant contact Heidyn Mouritsen at the foundation office.

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