Care-A-Van Transportation Program

Donations of used cars to the National Kidney Foundation of Utah & Idaho have made possible the creation of the Care-A-Van - a volunteer-based program designed to help dialysis patients get to and from life-saving treatment sessions.

"These patients don't have a choice, dialysis is the only means of having some quality of life as well as quantity," said Patsy Hough-DeCaro, a Care-A-Van representative.

Last year over 250 trips were made in providing the healthcare needed for dialysis patients. "Continued financial support from The National Kidney Foundation of Utah & Idaho is vital to our ability to continue this service," Hough-DeCaro said, "by individuals donating their cars to The National Kidney Foundation of Utah & Idaho, the NKF helps fund our program that in a very real sense saves lives."

"Where would the people be if the service wasn't available?" Hough- DeCaro asked, "Some would be in nursing homes, some would die slow painful deaths, children would not have the chance to live normal lives, and others may have no more than 14 days to live."

For additional info about donating a car or volunteering to drive, call 800-869-5277