Patient Education and Resource Packet

Patient Education Packet There are approximately 800 new End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) patients in Utah and Idaho each year. One of the greatest challenges a new ESRD patient faces is the need for information and education concerning how the disease will affect daily living and what treatment options are available. All new ESRD patients receive a Kidney Patient Education and Resource Packet. The Kidney Patient Education and Resource Packets offer critical information on coping with kidney disease on a daily basis with such materials as the book, "When Your Kidneys Fail," important nutritional and diet information, treatment options, and information regarding NKF U & I support activities and patient programs.

The foundation has received outstanding feedback regarding this program. TeAnn Murdock, social worker at Uintah Basin and Mt. View Dialysis shares the following experience...

"A patient and his wife were very concerned about everything associated with dialysis and kidney failure. After giving them the Patient Packet, they were able to become more at ease with dialysis, make a plan for the future and, most important, see that they indeed had a future."

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