Educational Scholarship Program

BYU The NKF of Utah & Idaho Educational Scholarship Program is dedicated to enhancing the independence and self-sufficiency of Utah and Idaho kidney patients. These scholarships are awarded to kidney transplant recipients and dialysis patients to assist them in the completion of their higher education. Students range from freshman to seniors, and pursue degrees at colleges in Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho.

The Foundation is grateful to the George S. and Dolores Dore Eccles Foundation for their generous grant which helps to make these scholarships possible.

Among past recipients are:
Ryan BlackTrent Caldwell
Lacey CannonAmber Crockett
Allison DraperDaniel Furse
Chad GeorgeDwayne Green
Sarah JackmanRichard Lilly
Wendy McDonaldMichael Miller
Stephanie MullenSarah Ogden
Kameryn OsborneDaniel Pulley
Brooke RileyMatt Sherry
Cameron SpendloveShaun Tullis
Nichole WardellJacob Williams
Utahana Woodward

"I cannot describe the feeling of gratitude for the generosity of those whose donations have made my financial grant possible by going to school, I am planning ahead both for my family's well being and for my own."
- Scholarship Recipient -