Great Salt Lake Truck Show

Great Salt Lake Truck Show "Eighteen wheels of rolling thunder, knights of the highway, 13 gears and 500 horses of raw diesel power" . . . not what one would normally think of when picturing families of dialysis patients, but this is the picture created by Chairman Jeff England and his committee for the annual Great Salt Lake Truck Show. The Truck Show features over 90 "big rigs" making it one of the top truck shows in the western United States. Truck owners from coast to coast show off their state-of-the-art trucks and equipment. The event includes entertainment, food, trophies and prizes. Funds for the event benefit the annual Truck Show Family Kidney Kamp for dialysis and transplant patients and their families. Celebrating 27 years, the Great Salt Lake Truck Show has raised over $900,000 to support the Truck Show Family Kidney Camp.

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