Be among the thousands sharing information… help save a life — promote organ donation at work

US Department of Health and Human Services awards NKFU&I for outstanding participation in the workplace partnership for life program.

The National Kidney Foundation of Utah & Idaho has been the proud sponsor of the Workplace Partnership for Life (WPFL) program. The educational program, initiated by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, calls on corporations, businesses and organizations of all sizes to share information about organ and tissue donation with their employees.

Recognizing and understanding the diversities among employees and worksites, WPFL takes a unique approach in helping to save lives by encouraging partners to identify for themselves the specific activities and strategies which they will implement to increase awareness. Tailoring the program to meet the needs of every participating organization is one of the many successes of the partnership.

WPFL provides up to date information, clears up myths with facts, and gives employees the opportunity to obtain information needed to make an educated decision about becoming a registered organ and tissue donor.

Action ideas include: