Calcium Binder And Nutritional Supplement Program

Over 60,000 Servings of Nutritional Supplements Distributed

The Calcium Binder Program has been developed to improve patient calcium retention and reduce the increased possibility of osteoporosis. Both the nutritional supplements and calcium binders are often too expensive for indigent patients to purchase without financial assistance. A collaborative effort from renal dietitians and renal social workers has helped NKF of Utah & Idaho target patients in physical and financial need of these supplements.

The Nutritional Supplement Program provides dialysis patients with nutritional supplements such as Boost Plus and Pro-Cel. As a result of this program, dietitians at Utah and Idaho dialysis centers have reported to the foundation that patients have been able to improve their laboratory results and nutritional well being. Statistical analyses of patient lab results show that the supplied supplements have a direct effect on the way patients feel, dramatically improving their energy level and quality of life. Over 191,976 supplement portions were distributed during the past year.

“My patients have been able to improve their laboratory values and nutritional status by use of these nutritional products.” 

Cynthia Ray RD, DaVita Utah Valley Dialysis

“There is no program offered by the National Kidney Foundation of Utah and Idaho that has a more direct effect on the way patients feel. With these supplements, their labs are better as well as their energy level and quality of life.”

Shirley Farr RDOquirrh Artificial Kidney Center

Patients taking the supplements exhibit improved stamina, decreased infections, decreased hospitalizations and ultimately decreased complications related to end-stage renal disease.

Renal Dietician