Workplace Partnership for Life (WPFL)

Be among the thousands sharing information…
help save a life — promote organ donation at work

The National Kidney Foundation of Utah & Idaho is the proud sponsor of the Workplace Partnership for Life (WPFL) program. The educational program, initiated by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in 2001, calls on corporations, businesses and organizations of all sizes to share information about organ and tissue donation with their employees.

Recognizing and understanding the diversities among employees and worksites, WPFL takes a unique approach in helping to save lives by encouraging partners to identify for themselves the specific activities and strategies which they will implement to increase awareness. Tailoring the program to meet the needs of every participating organization is one of the many successes of the partnership.

WPFL provides up to date information, clears up myths with facts, and gives employees the opportunity to obtain information needed to make an educated decision about becoming a registered organ and tissue donor.

For more information about how to start an awareness program within your organization by becoming a Workplace Partner, contact our office.

Contact Information

The National Kidney Foundation of Utah & Idaho
Monday-Friday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

  • Action ideas include:

    • Send a paper, electronic, or voice message promoting donation from the CEO to each employee.
    • Include articles on donation in your company newsletter. Feature stories about employees who are recipients, donors, donor family members or in need of a transplant or a blood transfusion.
    • Add a pro-donation message to employee pay stubs each month of the year.
    • Distribute donor registration forms and educational materials about donation to employees.
    • Link our local donor registry to your website’s home page for access to registering online.
    • Sponsor a presentation on donation: invite donors, recipients, donor family members, and transplant professionals to create a one hour program for employees.
    • Run a PSA or include an electronic banner on your in-house e-mail system. Make your own or acquire one from the Coalition on Donation or your local organ procurement organization (contact information is available at ).
    • Sponsor a blood drive, marrow drive, or organ/tissue donor card signing events. Some companies create competitions among departments or field offices.
    • Post information on your bulletin board or in your newsletters about local community blood drives and donation efforts.
    • Make donation stickers for ID badges available to employees who intend to be donors
    • Implement a leave policy for employees who donate marrow or an organ.

Organ Donor Awareness Campaign

The Dialysis Research Foundation has generously continued their support of our organ donation awareness partnership with KSL News Radio 1160 AM. Public Service Announcements included the well known KSL radio voices of Amanda Dickson, Doug Wright, and Senator Jake Garn. Additional donor advocate promotional spots have been made by former NBA Utah Jazz star and kidney donor Greg Ostertag, BYU Football Coach Bronco Mendenhall, University of Utah Football Coach Kyle Whittingham, the Chairman of the Medical Advisory Board of the NKF of Utah and Idaho, Dr. Harry Senekjian, kidney donor Anissa Bangeter, and kidney recipient Ryan Black. These spots have been very successful in raising organ donor awareness throughout Utah.

National Education Campaigns

The Foundation enlists the help of all local media in education the public regarding the prevention of kidney disease and the promotion of organ donation. Our annual campaigns – New Year’s Resolution, March is Kidney Month, National Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness Month and Organ Donor Sabbath – reached thousands of people through television and radio interviews and public service announcements as well as newspaper and magazine articles.

Utah Donor Registry for Organ, Eye, and Tissue Donation

With over 97,000 individuals currently on the organ transplant waiting list, the “YES UTAH” and “YES IDAHO” registry have taken on added importance. Currently over one million donors are registered in Utah which represents the highest per capita registration of any state. The NKF of Utah & Idaho, a founding member of the Utah Organ Donation Coalition, continues to play a major role in the registry and education of the citizens of Utah and Idaho about the importance of organ donation.


Kids and Kidneys in Public Schools

In fulfillment of its mission to educate the public about kidney awareness and care, prevention of kidney disease, and to promote organ donor awareness, representatives of the National Kidney Foundation of Utah & Idaho present a free, 45-minute presentation designed for junior high and middle school health classes throughout Utah and Idaho school districts.

Students watch a ten-minute video and participate in discussions regarding kidney function, kidney care and prevention of kidney disease as well as hearing personal experiences of organ transplantation and donation. Part of the discussion includes a healthy eating and activity assessment which is completed for

self evaluation. Information with an assignment is taken home to be discussed with parents and family members. A test is administered at the end of the presentation. Students who earn 100% receive an “I Love You With All My Kidney” T-shirt.

Teachers and students alike have expressed their appreciation for the valuable information received.

For further information or to request a presentation in your school or health class, call the National Kidney Foundation of Utah & Idaho office, 800-869-5277 (statewide) or 801-226-5111 (Utah County).

What Teachers and Students have said:

“You really taught me a lot of stuff I didn’t know about kidneys. Now that I know, I’ll be more careful about keeping my kidneys healthy.”

“I never knew that if you drink 8-10 glasses of water it helps prevent kidney disease.”

“I took my folder and read through it. I’m going to start watching what I eat.”

“Yesterday you came and taught us about kidneys. It was really cool! It made me think about what I need to work on.”

“Very informative! Great information for students!”

Utah Coalition on Organ, Eye and Tissue

Continuing efforts are made as the NKF of Utah & Idaho intensified its public education efforts to provide information regarding prevention and treatment of kidney diseases, organ donation awareness and the role of the kidneys in maintaining optimum health.

As a founding member of the Utah Coalition on Organ, Eye and Tissue Donation, the NKF of Utah & Idaho support public education of organ donation awareness through such programs as Partners in the Work Place, where corporate human resource directors include organ donor information as part of their company orientation. Over 300 companies/organizations with approximately 390,000 individuals have become better educated about the miracle of organ transplantation and have received organ donation information, materials and pins.

Good Samaritan Donors Increase

As a way to increase the number of organ donors, and to decrease the wait time and the number of those waiting for an organ transplant, the Coalition and the Utah Donor Registry have formed a partnership with the local transplant centers and developed a Good Samaritan Kidney Donor Program for people willing to be considered and evaluated as a kidney donor. Patients who need kidney transplants have always been encouraged to find living donors, often a relative or friend, but many times no living related person or friend is available or is an acceptable match, forcing hundreds of patients to wait many years to receive their transplant from the national waiting list. The response by the people of Utah and Idaho to the “Good Samaritan” donor program continues to grow.