Helping Dialysis and Transplant Patients

  • Financial Aid — Assisting with emergencies such as rent, food, medications, and transportationWeb
  • Educational Scholarships — Providing funds for patients in need to complete their higher education and become self sufficient
  • Summer Camps and Recreation Programs— Providing therapeutic and networking activities for patients and their families.
  • Education Conferences — Providing the latest information on medication, treatment, nutrition, etc.
  • Educational Publications — Providing books, newsletters, videos, etc., which provide information to improve the quality of life for kidney patients
  • Dialysis Transportation Program — Providing transportation to life saving dialysis for patients who live in remote communities.
  • Dialysis Laptop Computer Program — Providing the opportunity for patients to keep involved and stay active during treatment.
  • Patient Support Groups

Supporting Medical Research

The ultimate goal of the National Kidney Foundation is total eradication of diseases of the kidney.

Support of scientific research regarding new methods of disease prevention and treatment are offered by the foundation each year:

  • Research Grants
  • Post-doctoral Research Fellowships
  • Young Investigator Grants
  • NKF Matching Fellowship Grants
  • Clinical Scientist Awards

Implementing Community Education

The National Kidney Foundation of Utah & Idaho wants our communities to understand kidney disease — its causes, prevention and treatment — and the importance of organ donation.
The foundation sponsors:

  • National and local media campaigns
  • School education programs (Over 27,000 students educated to date).
  • Community health fairs and special events
  • Kidney Health Evaluation Screenings
  • Health Care Professional Education Conferences

Patient Services